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15 mistakes to avoid on your first trip to Hawaii

Visiting a new destination for the first time can be tricky. Where should you go and what should you skip? Where can you stay? How much is it going to cost? It can surely be difficult to know what to expect. Because I learned a lot during my first visit to Hawaii, today I’m sharing everything I wish I knew beforehand. Here are 15 mistakes to avoid during your first

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10 reasons to visit the Caribbean paradise of Curacao

Thinking about a trip to the Caribbean? Pay a visit to Curacao! This island is one of a kind and offers something for everyone. I visited in November 2019 and loved every minute of it. Because I know you will too, today I’m listing 10 reasons to visit Curacao. Before flying to the island, I didn’t really know what to expect. Of course, I imagined gorgeous beaches and was super

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The no-bullshit guide to booking cheap international flights

Cheap flights to the most incredible destinations – who doesn’t want them, right? Honestly, though, there are so many tips out there these days! Some of them work, others really don’t. In any way, it has become hard to figure out how to really get the ticket you want. That’s why today I’m sharing my no-bullshit guide for finding the best deals, which is based completely on my own experiences.

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Responsible travel

What is slow travel? The new travel movement explained

Recently, a new movement has started in the travel community: slow travel. A mindset that is pretty much the exact opposite of the way of traveling that’s so widespread these days. Recently, I quickly explained what slow travel is in my tips for more responsible travel. Today, we’re going more in-depth and I’m sharing all the ins & outs about this movement. Here’s everything you want to know about slow

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New Zealand

10 x the most Instagrammable places in New Zealand

As you may know by now, I love photography – especially when I’m traveling. Because of that, I always find myself looking for the best Instagram spots to visit, no matter what country I’m in. Simply because those are usually the most gorgeous photography spots the photographer in me really, really doesn’t want to miss. Today, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite Instagram spots in New Zealand. So, grab your

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8 x the best photography apps for travelers

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love photography. Like – love. According to some, a little too much maybe, haha. I can easily take a few thousand photos per month when I’m traveling. What can I say? I just love to capture memories and learn new ways to express myself creatively. As I shoot most of my photos on my phone, I am a big fan of

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