The no-bullshit guide to booking cheap international flights

Cheap flights to the most incredible destinations – who doesn’t want them, right? Honestly, though, there are so many tips out there these days! Some of them work, others really don’t. In any way, it has become hard to figure out how to really get the ticket you want. That’s why today I’m sharing my […]

Backpacking in paradise: 15 budget travel tips to save money in Hawaii

The tropical Hawaiian islands are not often considered among backpackers and other budget travelers. In fact, when embarking on my world trip in 2018, I only really considered South East Asia. When Hawaii came to mind as a next destination, I thought we were crazy to even consider it. However, we made it happen – […]

New Zealand on a budget: 25 easy ways to save money on your trip

As much as I love (and I mean love) New Zealand, I’ll be the first to admit that the country isn’t cheap. Traveling along the beautiful North and South Island can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. Luckily, it is really easy to adjust your trip to New Zealand to your budget. In my total of […]