5 x the most beautiful black sand beaches in Iceland

Black sand beaches are one of Iceland’s most beautiful natural attractions. In fact, out of the 10 ultimate Iceland highlights I recently shared, 4 are black sand beaches! In this post, I’m sharing the five best black sand beaches in Iceland, as well as the origins of these beautiful natural landscapes. You’ll get detailed info […]

Reykjadalur hot springs: the thermal river you need to visit in Iceland

On the first day on my trip to Iceland, I stumbled upon a true Iceland gem: the Reykjadalur thermal river. This natural hot spring turned out to be one of my favorite places of my road trip. Today, I’m sharing everything there is to know about the Reykjadalur hot springs. In this post, you’ll find […]

The ultimate guide to swimming with turtles in Hawaii

Guide to swimming with turtles in Hawaii

When planning for our trip to Hawaii, the one thing that was probably on the top of my list was seeing turtles in the sea. This dream came true in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I end up seeing many of them, I also had the opportunity to swim […]

Curacao adventures: hiking Mount Christoffel

Mt Christoffel hike

Based on my previous Curaçao blog posts, you may think that all I did on the island was to find the best beaches and places to eat and drink. And while that for sure describes most of my week, we were active, too! One thing I really loved doing on Curaçao was hiking Mount Christoffel. […]

My favorite beaches on Curacao

Turtles Curacao

Although temporarily being home for the holidays is great, I am definitely not loving the winter cold. So, upon finding out we’d be going on a trip to Curaçao, I was incredibly excited about a week of soaking up the sun on gorgeous white sand beaches. And the island did not disappoint! Today, I’m sharing […]

Snorkeling in Captain Cook: the ultimate Big Island experience

Snorkeling Captain Cook

During my final days in Hawaii, I accidentally stumbled upon what turned out to be one of my favorite experiences in my entire time in Hawaii: snorkeling in Captain Cook, on the Big Island of Hawaii. After long deliberation, Frank and I had decided to spend our last week in Hawaii on the Big Island. […]

Visiting Green Sand Beach in Hawaii

Green Sand Beach

Just like the other Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island of Hawaii has many beautiful beaches. One of them stands out in particular: Papakolea Beach, also called Green Sand Beach. Wait, what – green, you said? Yes, that’s right, the sand is green! So, of course, when we decided that we’d spend our last week in […]

The best places for snorkeling in Hawaii

Snorkelling Big Island Hawaii

I love snorkeling. Exploring in the water is like being invited into a whole other world, silently watching the fish and other sea creatures go about their daily lives. If you’re going to Hawaii and are as big a fan of snorkeling as I am, I’ve got good news for you. The different islands are […]

10 tips for driving the Road to Hana

Ultimate Maui highlight

Visiting the beautiful places along the Road to Hana was one of my favorite activities in my entire Hawaii trip. It’s a definite must-do when in Maui! Recently, I shared my favorite stops along the road. Here, I am telling you all about my best tips for driving the road to Hana. That way, you […]