10 reasons to visit the Caribbean paradise of Curacao

Thinking about a trip to the Caribbean? Pay a visit to Curacao! This island is one of a kind and offers something for everyone. I visited in November 2019 and loved every minute of it. Because I know you will too, today I’m listing 10 reasons to visit Curacao. Before flying to the island, I […]

The complete Curacao travel guide

Planning on visiting Curaçao? Read along, because this is the perfect post for you! I’m sharing my complete Curaçao travel guide, with the 12 most important topics to know about before your trip. Can’t decide on what items to pack, the best time to visit or how to make your way around the island? Or […]

1 week in Curacao: the ultimate highlights itinerary

Infinity Pool Koraal

My recent trip to Curaçao was unlike many of my travels. Not only was this trip more like a family holiday than it was a backpacking adventure, but I also knew there was limited time to spend on the island. So, I wanted to prepare a little better than I normally would, making sure we […]

Curacao highlights: top 10 things to do and see

Highlights Curacao

White sand beaches, clear blue water… those were the things that always came to mind when thinking of Curaçao. Although the beaches definitely did not disappoint, Curaçao proved to be so much more diverse than I could’ve ever imagined. From colorful cities and great cuisine to incredible hiking and spotting wildlife; this small island really […]

Curacao adventures: hiking Mount Christoffel

Mt Christoffel hike

Based on my previous Curaçao blog posts, you may think that all I did on the island was to find the best beaches and places to eat and drink. And while that for sure describes most of my week, we were active, too! One thing I really loved doing on Curaçao was hiking Mount Christoffel. […]

Where to eat and drink on Curacao

On of my favourite places to eat in Curacao

During our week-long stay on Curaçao, I feel like I’ve seen at least as many cafes and restaurants as I have beaches. Normally during my travels (read: when on a backpacker budget), I try to make most of what I eat myself. In a lot of countries, doing so can save you a lot of […]

My favorite beaches on Curacao

Turtles Curacao

Although temporarily being home for the holidays is great, I am definitely not loving the winter cold. So, upon finding out we’d be going on a trip to Curaçao, I was incredibly excited about a week of soaking up the sun on gorgeous white sand beaches. And the island did not disappoint! Today, I’m sharing […]

How to spend a day in Willemstad

Spending a day in Willemstad

During our trip to Curaçao, we spent one day exploring the island’s capital, Willemstad. Honestly, if it wasn’t for all of the gorgeous beaches calling me, I could’ve easily spent even more time there. The city is really diverse, the locals are friendly and there’s an overall great atmosphere. Visiting this place is definitely a […]